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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I change the link text?
After signing up, change the text in the code that says "contact us" to the text you want.

2. How much is it to add a contact form?
We offer this service free of charge.

3. I have mulitple web sites can I add contact forms to those sites too?
Yes of course. When you have signed up, login to your account and go to manage forms.

4. I would like to customize the look and feel of the form to match my site. How do I do this?
At the moment it is not possible to change the look of your contact form. This is something we will be releasing soon.

5. At the bottom of all emails it has something called user agent and ip what is this?
The user agent contains details about the browser your visitor used. The IP address is a unique address that is given to each person that logs on to the internet. You can use these details to help solve problems visitors may have with your web site.

6. Why do I have to sign up?
You need to sign up so that we know where to send your visitors email messages to.

7. How does this reduce spam?
Spammers run computer programs that look at all the pages on the internet for email addresses. When they find an email message they add it to their database and start spamming you. We hide your email so spammers can't get hold of it.

8. Will give my email to anyone?
No! We hide your email address from visitors. We take the message and then send it on to you. No one sees your email address

9. I'm ready how do I sign up?
Go to to start the signup

10. Can I add the contact form to myspace?
Yes just paste the code you are given when you sing up into your myspace profile. Emails will then get sent stragight to your prefered mail address. 11. You didn't answer my question!!
We are sorry we didn't. Please contact us by clciking the contact button and we we will add your question here.

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